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A division of KR&I devoted to building & sharing knowledge about fans and fandom.

The Fandom Institute

What is Fandom?

What is Fandom?

Fandom is a relationship between the self and an object that is simultaneously relatable and elevating (we refer to this ‘object of fandom’ as an OOF).

This relationship meets core human needs: it allows us to better understand and express who we are, connect with others who are similar to us, and feel safer, stronger, and more grounded in the world.

Because it meets these needs so effectively, fandom inspires devotion and active investment.

While the intensity of the relationship between fan and object of fandom may wax and wane, it’s rarely broken altogether.

Fans matter to business.

When it comes to their objects of fandom, fans can…

  • Invest their time and money into it
  • Generate (and control) conversation about it
  • Expand its reach and popularity
  • Expand its ‘world’ by creating related content
  • Loyally support and defend it
  • Influence and change it
  • Preserve it
  • Resurrect it

The Fandom Institute Services

Fandom Now:
Syndicated Research

Ongoing syndicated research designed to keep a pulse on the ever-changing ‘fanscape’

Custom Fan

Custom proprietary research and insights to address clients’ specific fan-centric questions


Custom offerings to elevate and activate clients’ knowledge of fans and fandom

Doctor Dino

Fandom Now

A continuously fielded syndicated study, Fandom Now creates both a macro understanding of the overall ‘Fanscape’ and a deep understanding of entertainment, sports, music, and video game fandom, capturing detailed OOF (object of fandom) data from self-described fans.

What Fandom Now Does

  • Depicts the fan landscape holistically at any given moment
  • Tracks changes in the fan landscape over time
  • Illuminates new/emerging fandoms
  • Captures experiential, behavioral, and attitudinal details for specific objects of fandom
  • Explores various fandom deep dive topics
  • Addresses subscribers’ specific fandom questions

How Clients Use Fandom Now

  • Inform fan-centric strategies across business divisions
  • Develop new fandoms & franchises
  • Expand existing fandoms & franchises
  • Compare OOFs to competitors
  • Identify fandom adjacencies
  • Optimize both smaller and blockbuster fandoms


Deep Dive
Deep Dive

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